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Key People

Our Sydney lawyers at Goldbergs offer a unique level of expertise, combining decades of legal experience with a practical, commercial outlook and an empathetic approach.     

Whether you need advice on insurance claims, business, property, or family matters, feel free to call one of our team members and arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Goldbergs was founded in Sydney by Grahame Goldberg, in 1964.

The firm has grown over the years and become a division of WMD Law in January 2019. We now have the following offices:

We work with families, private individuals, small businesses, private companies, developers, firms, insurance companies and major corporations in providing high quality legal services.

Finding a lawyer and understanding your legal options for resolving a situation can be a complex task.

With our team, you’ll find an efficient personalized and cost-effective approach to providing legal services.

We use our experience to get to the source of your problem quickly, and identify a range of possible approaches and potential outcomes – often avoiding costly and stressful processes like litigation and other expensive options.


Goldbergs have represented a range of clients in cases where litigation has been necessary – ranging over areas as diverse as constitutional law, personal injury, estoppel, will disputes, family provision claims, breach of contract, workers compensation, trade practices, income tax, workers compensation, insurance policy coverage and criminal law.

Our approach to working with clients is both empathetic and practical.

Our team has substantial experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of litigated matters however, our service encompass much more than matters before courts.  We act for clients with selling and buying land (conveyancing), leasing of properties, entering into buying and selling businesses and corporations, drafting wills, acting in estates and drafting documents as diverse as constitutions of boards to supply and agency agreements.

We also help families to resolve challenging and stressful situations.

You can browse our range of expertise in this section to discover which matches your situation, then choose one of our lawyers with whom to discuss your problem or requirements with.

We treat each client as an individual and will work with you to set ideal outcomes, then proceed in an efficient way – avoiding costly and stressful actions, wherever possible.