Things you should know

  • Failure to disclose relevant material in the event of a claim could void your cover.
  • The Insurance Contracts Act provides certain protections in the event the insurer fails to send you a renewal in time.
  • Other legislation might provide continued cover in circumstances in which you would  otherwise be uninsured (such as the Workers Compensation Act).
  • Under-insuring could be catastrophic, both as an individual and a business.
  • Pets could potentially constitute an unexpected limited public liability cover, for example if they escape and cause an accident or attack someone.

The Goldbergs Difference:

  • We have represented major insurance companies and developed a deep knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding the interpretation of policies.

Why would you need this service?

Insurance is a vital part of a modern economy, both for protecting the viability of a business and protecting individuals from material loss.

However, establishing whether you’re covered by a policy and determining the amount you’re entitled to receive in the event of a loss isn’t always straightforward. Where property, businesses and health are concerned, the implications of a policy interpretation can be significant.

Have you looked at the terms of your insurance policies to ascertain which risks are covered?

If a claim is declined or an insurer refuses to pay the amount that you believe is due, then you may have good reason to ascertain your rights and consider legal action.

It’s important to establish if a loss was caused by an insured event. You may be surprised to discover the limits of your policy coverage.

Other factors can prejudice the policy coverage and ability to make a claim, such as a non-disclosure of relevant material.

Under-insurance is another risk to consider, as it could impact on the amount paid in the event of a claim.

Sickness and disability policy may also provide important rights that need to be pursued in the event of injury, sickness or death.

Superannuation is another potential source of insurance cover.

Competent, expert legal advice is required to enable parties to realise the full value of their insurance policies in times of accident, illness and other life events.