Things you should know

  • Appointing someone trustworthy and competent as your attorney is important.
  • We can potentially help you decide on an attorney, as your professional advisor.
  • An attorney is liable for any losses they cause in breach of their duty.
  • For an attorney to deal with real estate property, the document needs to be registered at the Land and Property Information.
  • For a power of attorney to be valid when you lose capacity, it needs to have been validly executed with advice from your solicitor.
  • Appointment of an attorney has serious implications and should be done with advice.
  • An attorney can be appointed for a company as well as yourself.
  • A general and enduring power of attorney are different things.

The Goldbergs Difference:

  • We pay careful attention to the details of your decision in terms of who to appoint as an attorney; what powers to give them; and in what circumstances the power of attorney is activated.

Why would you need this service?

Powers of attorney can allow a trusted, responsible person to make decisions about your property, financial affairs and assets while you’re overseas, sick, or lacking capacity to make decisions for yourself.

Having a power of attorney appointed to manage your affairs can protect your assets from being dissipated into the costs of the management of your affairs by the NSW Trustee and Guardian.