Things you should know

  • Finding a practical, quick solution will save both parties a lot of money.
  • Proper asset valuation is important before negotiation. If you’ve recently been divorced and the full asset value wasn’t disclosed, we can potentially pursue the other party to obtain the full benefit from the property settlement.
  • Superannuation forms part of your asset pool and (along with other pension funds) should be checked, as these assets can be worth more than you initially think.
  • You can potentially protect your estate from a family provisions claim from a divorced spouse.
  • Court hearings often have a long waiting list and are expensive, meaning more money goes to lawyers and less is left for your children. Reaching an out-of-court settlement is usually preferable to attending court, where possible.
  • Property settlements in family law disputes can have important stamp duty exemptions. 
  • Review the Family Law government website.

The Goldbergs Difference:

  • We’ve helped families through challenging situations such as divorce for decades and have a lot of legal expertise and practical experience to share.
  • We regard minimization of expense and a practical and caring approach to conflict resolution as providing the preferred approach to conflict resolution.
  • Where matters cannot be resolved we ensure that our detailed preparation and knowledge of the law is applied to provide the best outcome at Court.

Why would you need this service?

Family law is a sensitive area of practice, as it concerns people’s most valuable and important assets during stressful times of their life and can also involve even more distressing conflicts involving the custody and care of children.

The range of potential outcomes can impact heavily on the lives of all concerned.

Advice needs to be obtained and acted upon in a timely manner as failing to properly deal with family breakdown and conflict can lead to worse outcomes in the future.

Practical resolutions wherever possible avoid unnecessary stress and expense.

Ensuring parenting arrangements in the best interests of the children and their ongoing relationship with both parents is a key consideration.

We can Help with Family Law

Contact our best family Lawyer John Turner or any of our offices to talk to someone about your matter.