Things you should know

Visiting a lawyer as early as possible allows the time to:

  • Comprehensively prepare evidence.
  • Provide advice regarding your rights and an appropriate approach to dealing with the Police.
  • Advise as to the further conduct of the matter; for instance, an early plea of guilty is sometimes a mitigating factor on sentence.

The Goldbergs Difference:

  • Our senior lawyer, Adam, previously worked as a police prosecutor in NSW, so has a deep knowledge and experience of proceedings and considerations in how criminal prosecutions tend to work in the state.
  • Our senior practitioners have dealt with a wide variety of criminal matters over the years acting for defendants.

Why would you need this service?

If you’re ever arrested and/or accused of a crime, questioned by police, or asked to attend court, it’s important to gain high-quality legal advice to ensure the best possible outcome.

Criminal law cases have a range of potential outcomes, many of which can affect your ability to find employment and travel to certain countries for the rest of your life. Securing the most desirable outcome possible could impact your life and future opportunities considerably.