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Privacy Statement – Online services

Our Commitment to your Privacy

Warren McKeon Dickson Pty Limited (“we”, “our” or “us”) deals with information privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the “Privacy Act”) and the Australian Privacy Principles (the “APPs”).
Your privacy is important to us. We are committed to complying with the Privacy Act and the APPs when handling your personal information. This Privacy Policy describes the ways in which we collect, store, use and disclose your Personal Information provided to or obtained by us as a consequence of your access and/or use of our website(s), subscription to any of our website(s) services or interaction with any of our social media sites (“our online services”).
By accessing, using or interacting with our online services you agree to your information being collected, stored, used and disclosed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

What Personal Information do we collect?

By accessing, using or interacting with our online services, you may volunteer or otherwise provide to us the following types of Personal Information, including but not limited to:

  • contact information, such as your name, address, email address and phone number;
  • individual information about your legal matter;
  • sensitive information, as defined by the Privacy Act, that you volunteer or otherwise provide to us;
  • other data as it relates to your access and use of our website(s), including through the use of cookies.

Cookies and other Personal Information collected via our Website(s)

When we provide you with our products and services via our website(s), we want to make them as useful as possible. When delivering services over the internet it is common practice to store small amounts of information on your computer or phone. This information is stored by your web browser in small files called cookies. Cookies serve a number of possible purposes, including:

  • to speed up websites by avoiding sending the same information every time;
  • to measure general usage of the website to help us improve our website(s) and other services;
  • to recognise returning visitors so we can highlight new/changed information since your last visit.

There are two main types of cookies, namely first party and third party:

  • First party cookies – these are our own cookies, controlled directly by us and used to provide information about general usage of our website(s).
  • Third party cookies – these are cookies used by other companies’ tools which we are using to enhance our website(s), for example Google Analytics has its own cookies, which are controlled by them.

You can block/remove cookies using your browser settings.
By accessing our website(s) and/or downloading information our ISP also may collect and store information relating to and generated by your visit. This information may include your internet address, domain name and date and time of access, and effectively forms a record of your visit.

Collection of your Personal Information

We only collect your Personal Information for the purposes of conducting and carrying on our business as a provider of legal products and services.
Where we collect your Personal Information via our online services we may do so from a range of sources including, but not limited to:

  • from you;
  • from your authorised representatives.

If in the course of accessing, using or interacting with any of our online services you provide us with personal information about another person, you agree that that you are authorised, or have otherwise obtained that person’s consent, to provide us with that information for the purpose for which you have provided it to us. You also agree that you have told that person about this Privacy Policy and how to access it.

Use of your Personal Information

We may use your Personal Information collected through your use, access and interaction with our online services for the primary purpose for which it was collected, for related purposes or as otherwise required or permitted by law. These purposes generally include, but are not limited to:

  • conducting and carrying on our business as a provider of legal products and services;
  • helping us administer, manage and enhance our services;
  • administering, improving and personalising our website(s) for you;
  • sending you marketing communications;
  • having regard to the nature of the information or the circumstances of collection, purposes for which we believe you would reasonably expect us to use the information.

By subscribing to any of the services on our website(s), you consent to us using your Personal Information, such as your email address, to directly market our services to you.
You may opt out of receiving any marketing communications from us at any time.

Disclosure of your Personal Information

We may disclose your personal information collected through your use, access and interaction with our online services to third parties, including to third parties who provide services to us. We will only disclose your personal information to a third party when:

  • the disclosure is made for the primary purpose for which it was collected or for related purposes;
  • we are required or authorised by law or by a court or tribunal to do so;
  • having regard to the nature of the information or the circumstances of collection, we believe you would reasonably expect us to make the disclosure; or
  • you have provided your consent.

Where we disclose your information to third parties this is done so in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
This may include providing your information to third parties that are located outside of Australia as part of operating our business as a provider of legal products and services. If your personal information is transferred outside Australia, we will do so in accordance with Australian Privacy Principle 8.

Storing your Personal Information

We store your Personal Information:

  • Physically on our office premises and with third party physical storage providers engaged by us;
  • Electronically on our in-house servers, storage units and Outlook mailboxes.

We take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, unauthorised access, misuse, alteration, loss or disclosure of your Personal Information. This includes security over physical and electronic storage facilities and premises, computer and network security measures and password access to secure servers.
We do not accept any liability in respect of, and are unable to guarantee against, all acts of unauthorised access to, misuse, loss, alteration or disclosure of your Personal Information that are not reasonably foreseeable or preventable.

Access to your Personal Information and Complaints Procedure

Under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), you have certain rights to access the Personal Information we collect and hold about you.
You have a right to access, and amend or correct, your personal information in certain circumstances. If you have a query about access to or amendment of your personal information, please contact us.

Revisions to this Privacy Policy

We may at any time and without notice revise or update this Privacy Policy. We recommend that all persons engaging our products and services and/or using our website(s) review this Privacy Policy periodically for changes. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be announced on our website.
Accessing our products or services, using our website(s) or in any other way providing us with your Personal Information after any revision or update to this Privacy Policy constitutes an acceptance of any revised Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy was last updated on 17 September 2019.

How to contact us about Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. If you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy or our handling of your Personal Information, please contact us at the following address:

Writing to: Warren McKeon Dickson Pty Limited

Level 4, 3-5 Stapleton Avenue
Sutherland, NSW 2232
Telephone: (02) 9525 8688
Fax: (02) 9526 2608