Things you should know

  • Every employer over a certain payroll threshold must have workers insurance.
  • Different types of compensation of benefits exist for injured workers; including weekly benefits, medical/rehabilitation expenses, domestic assistance, permanent impairment and work injury damages.
  • Limited periods apply to claims.
  • You can seek extensions for time limits where appropriate.
  • Statutory workers compensation claims do not pay any legal cost.
  • Psychological injury is also considered a personal injury for workers compensation.
  • If you meet certain thresholds you may have an entitlement for work injury damages.

The Goldbergs Difference:

  • We advocate a practical approach to personal injury claims, seeking early resolution.
  • We clearly define the issues of a case early on, to help facilitate a quick and appropriate resolution.
  • Having acted for insurance companies as defendants, we’re highly experienced with personal injury cases.
  • We have great depth of knowledge in workers compensation claims having acted for workers, insurers and self-insurers since 1965.
  • Our solicitors are regularly retained to provide training about workers compensation issues to other lawyers at continuing legal education conferences due to our recognized expertise in the area.

Why would you need this service?

If you have been injured in the workplace and suffer loss of wages and need medical treatment you probably have entitlement to workers compensation benefits.

As an employer and you receive a workers compensation claim from an employee do you know what to do.

What if you dispute employment or the injury?