Things you should know

  • Settlement is emphasised in medical negligence cases.
  • Remedies include other avenues, such as an official complaint.
  • Medical negligence actions are expensive to litigate and should only be undertaken when there is a very real probability of success.  Loss of such a care could be financially devastating.
  • The Civil Liability Act sets out a number of defences that aid a defendant in medical negligence cases.

The Goldbergs Difference:

  • Our firm has acted for both individual patients and doctors, in the complaint processes.
  • Our experience in medical negligence cases has covered examples such as brain injury due to negligent care post birth, poor outcomes following pelvic mesh surgery, improper and negligent administration of barium meal and other claims.
  • We have great depth in personal injury litigation and understand much of the factual material and have good contacts to enable us to identify the relevant experts in the area.
  • We have accredited specialists in personal injury.

Why would you need this service?

If your medical treatment has produced an unsatisfactory outcome caused by negligence, you may be able to pursue legal remedies.

If a doctor is to blame, you could make an official complaint.  You may be entitled to financial compensation from the doctor, hospital or other medical practitioner at fault.

These kind of cases are often complex, both in terms of the factual background and the law applicable to the claim and careful preparation of the factual material and understanding of the facts and the law is crucial to success.

Time limits often apply to these claims, it’s important to act promptly.