Aron Mucsnik

Why choose Aron as your Lawyer?

Aron brings significant business experience and an empathetic approach to commercial law.

With over 35 years of legal experience in New South Wales and a high win ratio for commercial matters, he’s built a client base through strong personal recommendations.

He recently won a case for a franchisee against a large franchisor, in a ‘David and Goliath’ case – then won again on appeal.

Aron has significant experience in property investment, so can offer practical advice to his clients when conveyancing. He’s also highly-experienced in litigation and will always try to avoid unnecessary and expensive expenditure, while preparing thoroughly for a case in the event that it becomes unavoidable.

His experience in the administration of estates and any associated litigation – for example, if you’ve been inappropriately omitted as a beneficiary, or inadequately provided for – make him an excellent choice of practitioner.

He’s been appointed by the court to be a trustee; and by two firms of solicitors to be the solicitor for their estates.Outside work, Aron’s a keen soccer fan and enjoys travelling to watch games abroad. He also likes playing chess, cards, and board games.

Aron also enjoys learning new languages. He speaks Yiddish and is learning Mandarin Chinese.