About Goldbergs


In 1965 Grahame Goldberg established the firm of Grahame Goldberg & Co with offices in Sydney and Mittagong. This firm ultimately became known as Goldbergs.

With attention to detail and service the practice flourished and diversified with recognized expertise in conveyancing and land law, commercial law (including the sale and purchase of businesses), wills and estates, criminal law and insurance litigation. As the practice grew it attracted clients ranging from private individuals to government authorities and major corporations including banks and insurance companies.

In the 1980's the firm acquired the practice of Simons & Grinston. This acquisition added many new and valued clients to the firm.

In 2003 Goldbergs expanded into North West Sydney with the acquisition of the long established Pennant Hills firm of Messner & Blunden Solicitors. The acquisition of Messner & Blunden broadened the client base and deepened the level of experience and expertise within the firm. In addition the office in the Pennant Hills area provided convenient premises for existing clients of Goldbergs from that area. See Home Page for contact details for the Pennant Hills office.

2013 was an exciting year for Goldbergs with the firms of AIM Legal, Bradfield Mills Solicitors and Mulally Mylott Lawyers joining the group. The expansion significantly increased the depth of experience within the group and we were proud to welcome to our team:

  • Aron Musknik (AIM Legal)
  • Adam Halstead (Bradfield Mills Solicitors)
  • John Mylott (Mulally Mylott Lawyers)
  • Paul Mulally (Mulally Mylott Lawyers)
  • Tina Peruch (Mulally Mylott Lawyers)
  • Ingrid Boon (Mulally Mylott Lawyers)

The addition of Mulally Mylott Lawyers added a Campbelltown office for the convenience of our clients and marked a return for the firm to the South Western region of Sydney. See Home Page for contact details for the Campbelltown office.

Goldbergs Lawyers and the firms within its group provide diversified legal services with the ability to service the needs of clients from the private individuals to large commercial enterprises. We offer services ranging from the drafting of a will or power of attorney to High Court litigation.

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