Key People

Grahame Goldberg

Grahame Goldberg

Grahame Goldberg
General Counsel


  • Bachelor of Laws - Sydney University - 1964
  • Concepts of Management and Financial Management - University of New England - 1977
  • Public Notary - 1993
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution - Australian Commercial Dispute Centre
  • Advanced Risk Management - 1998

Summary of Experience

  • Practising as a solicitor for over 40 years.
  • Founded the firm, known as Graeme Goldberg Partners, in 1967
  • All aspects of Business Law, Conveyancing, Corporations, Estate Planning and Probate Law
  • Participation in numerous sporting associations including former Commodore and Chairman of Directors of the Royal Motor Yacht Club of NSW Broken Bay
  • Retained by MMI to do Respondent workers' compensation and common law claims in 1965 and continuously since then has been part of the Allianz support team.
  • Retired as Senior Partner in June 2005. Currently acting as General Counsel to Goldbergs.

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